Terms and Conditions


To reserve a car you can email, call or complete our online booking form on a website. You will receive confirmation from our Dispatch Manager through the email you provided or via the phone with the reference number of the job.

Note: Please reserve the Minibus or Bus 24 hours before the job.


Business Services Moscow requires payment at the end of each day of each trip by Credit Cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard) or cash. Receipts provided upon payment.

If you have a Corporate Account, we will send you the Invoice at the end of each month if other is not set up with the customer.


Our prices include all taxes and tolls.

Parking fees at the Airports and around town are not included.

All the fees are the same during the day, night, holidays, and weekends.

Some surcharges may apply during special events.

Travel outside of Moscow (MKAD) is to be paid additionally to the hourly based tariff at the amount of one hour of based tariff.

Travel outside of Moscow for more than 30 km will be settled individually with the customer.

Transfer to/from airport

The "Airport-City" transfer includes the vehicle supply, waiting at the airport not more than 30 min and the Customer delivery to the destination. Waiting at the airport for more than 1 hour is to be paid according to the hourly base tariff.

The "City-Airport" transfer service includes the vehicle supply by one address, 15 minutes waiting (free of charge) and Customer delivery to the airport, further the hourly base tariff will be on.

The "Airport-Airport" transfer will be charged as Airport Transfer + one hour city usage rate.

Waiting Time

First 15 minutes of waiting time (excluding an airport transfer which is 30 min after the flight lands) is included in the fee. Thereafter, waiting time will be charged at our basic hourly rate based on the current rate at the time of travel.

The services cost calculation by the rate is based on the number of serviced hours with half an hour rounding by the following rules:

  • From 0:00 till 0:15 - downward rounding till the whole hour value.
  • From 0:16 till 0:45 - considered as half an hour.
  • From 0:46 till 0:59 - upward rounding to the whole hour value.


The order can be cancelled by the Customer not less than 1 hour till the vehicle supply time at the city and 3 hours - for the airport transfer, minibus 24 hours before the order.

In case of the order cancellation within the shorter time, the Customer is billed at the amount of one-hour payment of the hourly based tariff (minimum hours for the particular vehicle) or the cost of transfer to the airport.

One trip can’t be divided into two orders, if the time between the end of the first order and the beginning of the next will be less than 2 hours, the duration of the journey is considering from the pickup time to the end of the trip.


Business Services Moscow continually monitors the flights information.

However if the flight information was not provided to us on time due to unforeseen circumstances and the Chauffeur already left the garage, the waiting time charge will be added. In case of an extreme delay, please notify us as soon as possible to insure that your vehicle is available upon your arriving.


All vehicles declared non smoking. A child seat is complimentary.

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